sexta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2007

Hello, everybody!

I am Jacqueline Emery.
I am a teacher of Portuguese and English.
I teach for more than 20 years in public schools as a resident teacher in both jobs. I love teaching , studying and improving myself professionaly. I have followed all the steps in Keep Learning and now I'm here with you. I hope we can exchange experiences in order to get our students more involved and interested, in order to construct meaning to the teaching and learning process.
I work at E. E. Prof. Architiclino Santos, Parque Continental, São Paulo, SP. I like working there, but, of course, we have lots of problems and, you know, it is not an easy task teaching today!
Considering my landscape, my students' needs and wants, I try to make our classes more interesting and significant so I'm going to use this tool to post some of our activities. Welcome and take part of this place, leaving your comments, please!

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sony disse...

Foi interessante, claro e preciso.

NRTE Centro Oeste disse...

Mesmo não sabendo Inglês, vamos traduzir.
Eu sou Jacque...
Sou profa. de Inglês e Português a 20 anos....
Leciono E. E. Prof. Architiclino Santos, Parque Continental, São Paulo, SP.
Gostamos muito do seu blog e principalmente da sua participação.
Não esqueça de acompanhar as notícias por meio do Blog do Núcleo, através do ambiente Keep Learning.


english projects disse...

Hi dear

I miss you a lot!!!
How are you ?
hugs and love